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3 Nov

Tangmere Community Garden is still going strong, despite the lack of updates to this blog.  Lots of people have been moving and coming and going and we’ve been concentrating on digging rather than writing.  We had our AGM this afternoon in the warmth of the polytunnel.  And we’ve now got an instagram account! https://www.instagram.com/tangcommunitygarden/

A visit to Stromness Community Garden on Orkney

22 Oct

Any project that has been going for as long as our community garden in Tangmere – we are just finishing out 7th growing season – has it’s ups and downs, and feasts and famines of regular and committed gardeners. I am, however, constantly amazed at how much we have achieved and how good the garden (usually) looks, despite the fact that we have never had any major funding. We have had 2 generous gifts: our polytunnel from Fordingbridge Engineering (the erection of which was made possible by a generous donation from Tangmere Airfield Nurseries) and our edible hedgerow which was a grant in kind from the Tree Council.

Lottery money and grants have been achieved by many other gardens that I have visited, and that is indeed the case for Stromness Community Garden, which is funded by the Lottery. It seems to be a large plot but rough, and there are 3 areas outside being cultivated at the moment, although the plan on the notice board suggests that the finished garden will be quite grand with sitting and decorative areas as well as veg growing in lots of beds.

Stromness garden’s polytunnel is already up and running and is a similar size to ours. However, they seem to have individual plots within the polytunnel, many of which were still producing, even at the end of October. Novel use of old fish boxes for growing carrots was interesting, and their fig tree is doing well, obviously contained in the ground.

Sunday afternoons, twice a month, seem to be key group work times in Stromness. We keep talking about Sundays, and afternoons, and we really must try that next year. In the meantime, it’s good to see what other groups are up to and to reflect on all that we have achieved in the last 7 years. It can seem a bit depressing when there is still so much more to be done, but I reckon gardening is much better exercise than going to the gym. But hey, what would I know about that?!


A visit in the rain

10 Sep

Today we were amazed that 26 members of Slindon & Madehurst Horticultural Society braved the rain to visit the Community Garden. Perhaps the exceptional nature of our baking is becoming local legend? I think the pictures tell the story.

Our Community Garden is still going strong!

10 Sep

Usually when a website is not updated you fear the worst. Oh dear! This project/business/person has given up. Luckily this is certainly not the case with Tangmere’s Community Garden – we have just been too busy gardening to do any writing. One of our main website contributors has also moved away – maybe to grow a new community garden in the Med?

So I shall dust off the fountain pen and scribe a few words to bring you up to date. In the meantime, here are a few pics of what has been going on recently.

A new Film at the Eco Cinema

18 Mar

I AM Poster


Tom Shadyac’s new film I AM will blow your mind!

Tom Shadyac, one of Hollywood’s most successful comedy directors(Bruce Almighty, The Nutty Professor) had it all – the perfect Hollywood lifestyle, the mansions and private jets. Then one day it all came to a halt after a bicycling accident. He suffered complications from severe concussion that is untreatable and often incurable.

Facing his own death brought an instant sense of clarity and purpose. “If I was going to die,” he asked himself, “what did I want to say before I went?” Suddenly he knew. He wanted to tell people what he had come to know, and explore these two questions. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD? WHAT CAN WE DO TO FIX IT?

I AM is a story of how, after his recovery, Tom changed his life in every aspect of the word. He sold his estate, moved into a trailer park and simplified his life. He picked up a camera crew and created this feature length documentary that just might be the most uplifting and convenient truth to ever hit the big screen.

Transition Chichester’s Eco cinema will show I AM on Monday 4th April 2016 from 7.30pm

Bassil Shippam Centre, Chichester, PO19 7LG

Entry £5.00 / £3.00 Concessions



27 Feb

Well it’s been awhile. Winter crept up on us at a slow pace this season and a very wet pace it was. Our visits were marked by the amount of mud on our shoes as we left, having slid a squelched our way around the garden.Throughout the winter we have had a fantastic supply of salad leaves as well as chard, spinach and herbs from the polytunnel which has really come into its own this year having been utilised to its full potential.  This week as we looked around the garden we remarked at how tidy and well cared for  it’s looking, the best we remember. We have a good group of members now who regularly come and do something even if it is just a bit of weeding, or mulching our paths with pepper mulch. We now have a few  weekends set aside for group work days where a good contingent of members turn out to get those winter jobs done of tidying and maintenance that just don’t get a look in when the growing season starts. Last weekend was just such a one and we tackled more pruning , bed mulching and weeding and new fruit bush supports being erected.The pruning of all the soft fruit bushes and Hawthorn hedges has been an ongoing theme. Some of the prunings have been made into bundles of faggots to hopefully be used in the Spring to light the pizza oven, waste not want not.

This week we continued by finishing the pruning and having a good old bonfire to get rid of a pile of accumulated rubbish it did get to be quite a fearsome heat which kept us warm on such a chilly day. Already the garlic and onions have put a spurt on and it will soon be time to start thinking about seeds that need to be sown for this years crops. Onwards and upwards as they say on Gardener’s question time.

Super Sofa Memorial

29 Sep

On Sunday the 27th September 2015 the garden saw another milestone day as a celebration seat was donated to the garden in memory of Rory Minns, a fellow gardener and enthusiast for the community garden. Sadly last year  his young life ended and the village mourned for a life cut short at the age of 25. This young man was amongst other things, a poet, horticulturist, and environmentalist but sadly chased by his own demons. Rosemary’s obituary to him was posted here: https://tangmerecommunitygarden.wordpress.com.

His family wanted to donate a seat to the garden in memory of him and a collection point for donations was set up in the local shop as well as the Community garden. This is no ordinary seat though, not your run of the mill garden bench, as befits Rory the seat is as individual and multi-faceted as Rory himself. Made out of a solid piece of oak and sculpted only with a chain saw by another very talented young man called Simon Groves who lives and works in Warningcamp.  This is a work of art. The seat is in the shape of a sofa and carved around it are things relating to Rory as his mum explained. Morning glory flowers, bee orchids, a garden fork and Rory’s  tag  in fabulous flamboyance is on the back.

The day  of the unveiling took place on the anniversary of Rory’s birthday and was a beautiful one with the sun shining down on us as we celebrated with our Autumn open day.  A table was groaning under a huge selection of cakes and dainties. The tombola was non-stop and a good crowd made up mostly of Rory’s family and friends attended. It was a great success and we now have a beautiful seat to rest and ponder upon. May you rest in the peace of the garden Rory.


Eco Cinema

23 Sep

Here is another film at Transition Chichester showing at The Basil Shippam Centre on 5th October

Money and Life A4 poster-page-001 (4)

Bloomin’ Marvellous

18 Aug

I have been away for a few months and have returned to find the garden in full bloom and looking marvellous. Particularly the wonderful bed of flowers planted by Lance. There are gladioli, huge voluptuous dahlias in gorgeous colours, a whole array of sweet peas with lillies thrown in for good measure. There are a few different arrangements of crops as well  with some new blackberry bushes and pumpkin beds and some giant onions looking ripe for the pot. We have also had an influx of new members thanks to the great publicity with the showing of Mary Berry’s recent series ‘Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites’ featuring the garden in one of the episodes.So budding on all fronts.

Tangmere Community Garden also took part in this years village fete which had the traditional display of fruit, vegetables and flowers grown to be judged for prizes.It appears we did very well getting some first prizes so congratulations to all who took part and I was sorry to miss it.

The crops are looking very good this year particularly in the polytunnel where it seems to go from strength to strength every year. The tomatoes are looking fabulous with varieties ranging from small black toms, to plum tomatoes to huge Marmande varieties. We have a veritable forest of basil as well so good for making fresh pesto by the bucket load, I do love a good pesto. We even have a peach tree in there and a fig. Outside the runner beans are starting to be harvested after some smaller french beans are on the wane. The crops seem to have spread out more. Of course along with the crops the weeds have also shot up so I know where I’ll be spending my time.

News about Open Days in Chichester Gardens

27 Jul

News from the gardens

Garden Open Days
We’re holding a couple of Open Days on Wednesday August 5th and Saturday August 8th respectively in Bishop’s Palace Veg. Plot. Do come along for a tour and enjoy a friendly cuppa with our gardeners.
Wednesday August 5th: 10:00-12:00
Saturday August 8th: 10:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Bishop’s Palace Veg. Plot
The garden is flourishing, thanks to the efforts of the doughty Wednesday group and the regular Saturday volunteers. A sensory bed has been planted and is doing well. The currants and raspberries in the fruit cage have provided a fine crop this year. There are now courgettes and leafy greens in abundance.
We are sad to say goodbye to Kate Brickell who has so ably facilitated the Wednesday group for us since its inception just over a year ago. With Kate’s help, and input from seasoned gardener, Ray Stewart, the plot has been transformed from a semi-derelict patch of ground, to a showpiece garden. We get many visitors dropping by to look at what we are doing.
Julia Sander and Christine Bateman will cover the Wednesday group throughout August, after which we hope to have a new facilitator in place. So thank you Kate, and good luck with the many projects you facilitate around the area.

Oaklands Park
The community orchard is flourishing and the wildflowers have been a talking point for the many people who walk through the park. There should be quite a good crop of fruit this year. Many thanks to Meg Owen for tackling the tedious task of removing the thistles.
The veg. plot has been tended on a weekly basis by a small team of volunteers and has produced its first crops – broad beans (delicious) and strawberries, which mysteriously disappeared one night before we could harvest them (hope they were enjoyed by whoever took them). The chard and lettuces planted on the Launch Day in May are now ready and there are some massive squash plants growing. We also have an assortment of different potato varieties growing, so it will be interesting to taste the difference.
The next stage will be to lay a hosepipe through the woods, to make it easier to water the beds.

Whyke Community Orchard
A couple of date for your diary from the Whyke team.
Wednesday Sept 2nd 1-3.30pm is the art activity afternoon for 5-11 year olds at Whyke Community Orchard, using up-cycling to make bug hotels and waterers, sample apples and plums, and be on the orchard just before harvest time.
Wednesday August 12th from 10 til 12noon we will be doing maintenance on the orchard, and invite all to join us, as many hands make light work.


For more information visit www.transitionchichester.org of find us onfacebook and twitter

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