Community Spirit in the Community Garden

26 Mar

Saturday saw a gathering of the gardeners to help mulch and weed in the Orchard. The mulch was put around all the trees to help keep the weeds down and the moisture in. It was originally planned for last weekend but it rained, a much needed dousing was very welcome.

The weather was glorious and the sun shone on all the gardening endeavours both orchard and garden.

Seeds were planted for salad crops as well as leeks and chard in some of the raised beds and a further bed was prepared for planting carrots.

Team Bean has a selection of pea and bean plants ready to transplant out next week, Graham will need a hand so if you fancy being in the bean team, even for a few hours Graham will be grateful for the assistance.

All the seeds planted in the polytunnel continue to thrive and now need vigilance to make sure their needs are met. Are they warm enough will they catch a chill, dehydrate? It’s like nurturing babies.

Owen and Aiden were very helpful mowing the grass which is also shooting up now the weather has warmed up.



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